A note to WebEMAPS users:

The WebEMAPS server hardware has completely failed and thus is no longer available. The system was designed based on the operating system (OS) of Windows Server 2003 SP1. This OS is now retired and no longer supported by Microsoft. Because of this, WebEMAPS will not work on current Windows Server versions.

To bring up WebEMAPS requires a complete rewrite of the user interfaces that support the applications. At this time, there are no resources for doing this and we are extremely sorry that there are no plans or timeline to reinstate the service as a website.

We are in the process to distribute some of the software as a download, however, the software is not structured as an interactive application and thus would require some development work and extensive development of documentation. Please check the web-site cbed.matse.illinois.edu for further update on this.

We are very sorry we cannot provide what has proved to have been a very popular and useful service to the community at this time.